Twin Sisters Speechercise Level 2 CD Ages 5 to 9

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Speechercise Level 2 - An Advanced Musical Workout For Your Mouth. More songs, drills, and strategies designed to help children develop proper speech and articulation skills. Follow the workout leaders through musical exercises that target tongue and teeth placement; challenging beginning, middle, and ending consonant sounds; and more complex consonant-vowel transitions: f and v, s and z, ch and j, sh and s, th, l, r, and w.

Bonus! The Enhanced CD includes a User Guide with more detailed information on common childhood speech and language problems, lyrics, and worksheets to reinforce the Speechercise Level 2 workout. Print the pages from your own computer.Great practice for young children beginning to develop speech habits OR those who may:

  • make inconsistent sound errors
  • stutter
  • be hard for listeners to understand
  • have difficulty coordinating the lips, tongue, and jaw when speaking
  • shorten sentences so it is not obvious that they struggle to produce certain sounds
  • struggle to produce a certain sound and end up substituting, distorting, omitting, or adding another sound instead

Format: Enhanced CD
Release Date: 04/20/05
Label: Twin Sisters Productions
Distributed by: Twin Sisters Productions
ISBN: 1575837374
UPC: 718451803322
Product ID: CSMUS0732

1.Advanced Jaw Drops
2.Voiced And Voiceless Coordination
3.Advanced Lip Presses


4.Advanced Tongue Pushups
5.Consonant-Vowel Movement Game


7.The Tongue Twister Song
8.AFF, EFF, OAF, IF, OFF The Craziest Sounding Thing
9.Say The "V" Sound Now!
10."F" And "V"
11.It's All About Sally
12.Can You Say ZA
13.The "S" And "Z" Drill
14.Chee, Chow, Chaw
15.Ja Ja Ja Joe Jammin'


16.S And SH... There Is A Difference
17.This, That, Those!


18.ARE, OR, EAR, AIR, IRE...We're Tired!
19.The LOW, ROW, WOE Song
20.Saying Sentences

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