Twin Sisters Speechercise Level 1 CD Ages 3 to 6

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Practicing the drills and skills as recommended by the Speech-Language Pathologist is made easy for children with Speechercise a musical workout for your mouth, a new music resource from Twin Sisters Productions. At home, in the car, or even at school, children follow the Speechercise workout leaders through the warm up, drill work, and cool down. The songs and drills focus on mouth movements, basic vowel and consonant sounds, complex consonant-vowel transitions, and advanced word level strings.

Developed for Twin Sisters Productions by a nationally certified Speech-language Pathologist, Speechercise is great practice both for young children beginning to develop speech habits and those who may

  • Mispronunce a sound in certain words yet pronounce it clearly in other words.
  • Leave off entire syllables from longer words.
  • Leave off the beginning or ending sounds of words.
  • Pronounce words different from situation to situation.
  • Have difficulty combining sounds into words.
  • Struggle to move the tongue, lips, and jaw consistently.

The Enhanced Music CD features a Parent Guide with more detailed, helpful information on childhood speech and language problems, worksheets and activities to reinforce the Speechercise workout. The pages can be printed from any home computer using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software included.

Format: Enhanced CD
Release Date: 05/01/04
Label: Twin Sisters Productions
Distributed by: Twin Sisters Productions
ISBN: 1575837366
UPC: 718451803223
Product ID: CSMUS0395


1. Jaw Drops      
2. Tongue Pushups      
3. Tongue Slides    


4. Tongue Circles      
5. Lip Press      
6. Silly Faces      
7. Vowel Circuit      
8. Consonant Intervals      
9. Basic Consonant Drill      
10. PA PO Song      
11. POP BOP Drill      
12. AT, IT, EAT, EIGHT, OUT      
13. ADD, ED, ODD, ID, ODE      
14. The TEE-DEE Drill    


15. Crazy K Sounds    


16. Hard Sound Of /g/      
17. /k/ & /g/ Combination      
18. Silly PATAKA Song      
19. BO-DOE-GO Drill      
20. CVC Drill      
21. Saying Sentences      
22. Silly Tongue Twisters      
23. Billy Baboon      
24. Dancing Deer      
25. Goofy Goats      
26. Katie Kissed      
27. Little Ladies Laughed      
28. Pesky Pirates      
29. Red Royal Robots      
30. Silly Sally's Sister    


31. Thank The Turtles      

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