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Kids go wild over this interactive math game. The talking floor mat has fast and crazy quiz games that make practicing math fun! Listen to the equation, and then step on the right answer. The game gets faster as the score gets higher! Features three games (counting, addition and subtraction) with two skill levels for even more challenge. Ages 3-8

Development Skills

  • Balance
  • Patience
  • Early Math
  • Self Esteem
  • Turn Taking
  • Social Skills
  • Gross Motor
  • Coordinated Movement
  • Problem Solving
  • Visual Attention
  • Visual Processing
  • Auditory Attention
  • Sequential Thought
  • Memory and Recall
  • Auditory Processing
  • Spatial Relationships
  • Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Following Rules
  • Physical Range of Motion/Reaching
  • Number Recognition and Identification

Special Needs Applications - Key Features and Benefits


  • Provides two levels of difficulty and three games in each level which allows a child to begin at the easiest point to master control and confidence and progress to the next level as ability and frustration level permit.
  • Provides auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning strategies that help children with disabilities learn, retain and recall.
  • Helps a child with attention difficulties remain focused in play due to auditory question, music and visual appeal.
  • Provides verbal reinforcement for correct answers.
  • Helps children gain practice in sequencing steps during play as they need to cognitively process the question and answer, find the correct number on the mat, move to reach it, and then press the button. The sequence of steps is consistent throughout play, helping children with remembering the steps and recalling what to do.


  • Contains several options in the activity guide to support structured group play which can be beneficial to children with communicative disabilities in learning social skills, and game etiquette.
  • Mat provides a very defined play space that helps a child who has autism or pervasive developmental disorder maintain focused attention during play.
  • Provides a child with practice in auditory processing, often a difficulty for children who have communication difficulties.


  • As children respond to questions they practice balance, coordinate their movements and shift their weight from one side to the other to provide the correct answer.
  • Mat can be played using hands, however, for children who are in a stationary position, they may inadvertently hit one number in trying to reach another. While this can be frustrating for the child, this may open the opportunity for social play. Children can play together and each can stay in a stationary position in front of two or three buttons that they are then responsible for hitting. Children who have physical limitations often also have delays in social skills so this may be a nice way to incorporate working together.
  • Requires a light touch to activate the buttons so children who have muscle weakness can be more successful especially if they are only responsible for a section of the mat and they do not need to move to another area.
  • Numbers are all spaced well apart from each other, and are large targets helpful for children with physical limitations.


  • Provides opportunity to gain sense of one's body in space and a sense of motion and gravity. Children with sensory integration disorder find doing whole body, active movement enhances their ability to focus and attend.
  • Numbers are large and bold and easy to read from a standing position.
  • Provides auditory and visual cues to provide more sensory stimulation from the environment and gross motor movements are used to answer. Children with disabilities often learn, retain and recall information if they have had a chance to use different senses in comprehension.

Prepared By: National Lekotek Center


  • Exceptional Parent Magazine's Toys for 2003
  • Winner Learning Magazine's Teacher's Choice Award for the Family
  • toytips.com Toy Tip rating of 5 (2002)
  • Oppenheim Gold Seal of Approval (2002)
  • Creative Classroom Teacher Tested Tools Award (2002)
  • Parents Magazine Named One of the Best Toys of the Year Smart Toys for Learning Category (Nov. 2002)
  • Parent's Choice 2002 Recommended Award Winner
  • Teacher's Choice Award Learning Magazine (2002)
  • Silver Award Practical Preschool Magazine UK (2002)
  • The National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval (2002)
  • Canadian Toy Testing Council Three Star Winner (2002)
  • Babyzone.com Amazing Toy Award (2002) Math Category

Download Math Mat Instructions and Use & Care Guide

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