Turkey Hunt 3D

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The ultimate turkey hunting experience!

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Experience all the excitement and realism of world class hunting with Turkey Hunt 3D. Test your skills with a shotgun, muzzleloader or bow. True 3D graphics means you can actually walk through the landscape looking for the perfect shooting location. Hide next to a tree, rock or cactus, as you use your skills to draw turkeys to your location. You have complete 360? field of view and the ability to walk anywhere you like, in this first ever total 3D Turkey Hunt.

Product Highlights

Finding the Turkey

Look around with your binoculars to find turkey in the distance. With the binoculars you should be able to tell the difference between a hen and a gobbler. (There's nothing stopping you from shooting a hen, but you won't be able to keep a trophy of it back at the lodge). An ideal hunting spot may be tight up against a rock, a tree or a bush.

Calling the Turkey
Using the calls at your disposal, lure the toms toward you by imitating the calls of a hen. A lovesick tom will respond with his own imitatible gobble. Overcalling a tom may cause him to lose interest as much as a lack of calling would. On some occasions one call may work better than another, or a combination may prove to be the boss gobbler's downfall. Don't bring him in too close, he may catch sight of you no matter how well you are hidden.

Killing the Turkey
Draw your weapon, take aim and fire. Don't expect too much success when shooting a turkey from over 35 yards, its thick feathers will deflect the shot at that range. If you miss, the turkey will panic and run away. If you're on, you'll return to the lodge with a smile on your face and a great kill.

The Trophy Room
Having successfully harvested a turkey, the hunt is over for the day. The weight and beard length will be displayed. Provided you've shot a gobbler you'll then be taken into your trophy Room where you can decide whether or not to hang the turkey's tail along with a plaque. In the Trophy Room you can walk around whenever you want to view you prized collection of up to 10 tails. Having made a kill you will be shown the plaque to be hung in the room. Gold plaques are awarded for bow-shot turkey and silver plaques are awarded for kills made with either of the guns.

Product Features

  • 3 Different Weapons: Shotgun, Bow and Muzzleloader
  • 3 Locations and 3 Species of Turkey to HUNT!
  • Use your turkey calls, camo and binoculars to get them!
  • Enhanced graphics for 3DFX and Direct 3D accelerated machines
  • Different 3D environments to hunt in, including forest, grassland and desert.
  • True to life turkey calls.
  • Different species of turkey, Osceola, Eastern Range etc.
  • Intelligent wild turkey to call, hens and toms.
  • Realistic 3D modeled and animated turkeys. Innovative 'walk-in' real-time 3D trophy room.

Minimum Requirements

  • Windows 95, 98
  • Pentium 166MHz processor
  • 32MB of RAM
  • 50MB of hard drive space
  • 4X CD-ROM Drive
  • 100% DirectSound compatible Sound Card
  • 3D Video Card or 3DFX Accelerator Video Card to use the 3D versions of the game
  • Mouse

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