Moriah Peters Urges Listeners to Choose Jesus

When Moriah Peters walks into a room, give her 5 minutes and she’ll be your new best friend. With a smile that’s contagious, a personality that’s infectious, and songs that resonate deep in your heart, Moriah Peters is poised to become an influential voice in Christian Music. Moriah, who is wise beyond her 19 years, is a singer-songwriter from Chino, California that grew up in an environment where you had to stand firm for what you believe. Her debut album, I Choose Jesus, chronicles 10 songs that speak about living bold in your faith, grace and forgiveness, life choices and becoming all you can be.

Produced by Grammy & Dove-Award Winning Ed Cash, the music is organic-pop, fun, energetic, and would fit comfortably in a playlist with Colbie Caillat, Sara Bareilles, John Mayer, Ingrid Michaelson, as well as Jamie Grace, Laura Story and Audrey Assad.

Of her debut album, Moriah says, “The overall theme of the album is about making a choice. All of the songs are about being in different circumstances and choosing Jesus in each situation. God has a blueprint and purpose for all of us. If we trust and choose Him in every situation our lives can be changed and we can help those around us.”

Moriah Peters I Choose Jesus
Moriah Peters I Choose Jesus CD

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