Learning Sign Language Has Never Been Easier with Signing Time Products

It all began in 1996 with a family who discovered they had a child who was completely deaf. Amidst the overwhelming change in their lifestyle, Rachel Coleman and her immediate and extended family began learning and teaching their daughter American Sign Language. The results were amazing as they watched two children, one hearing and one deaf, learn to sign and communicate so efficiently and effectively.

Two Little Hands Signing Time Products
Two Little Hands Signing Time Products

When Rachel’s second child came along and was unable to speak due to Spina Bifida and Cerebral Palsy, her and her sister decided to create a video to help their family and friends learn to sign. When the first DVD from Signing Time was created, people all over were talking about the DVD closing the gap between hearing and non-hearing people of all ages. Shortly after, Rachel and her sister Emilie created the company Two Little Hands Productions to bring American Sign Language to people of all ages everywhere.

Two Little Hands Productions Signing Time offers DVDs, Cd’s, and books for people of all ages desiring to learn sign language. From Signing Time Baby Sign Language Starter Kit to Signing Time Full Collection – DVDs, CDs, Books and Flashcards, there is a tool to help you or someone you know learn how to sign. Two Little Hands heard the teachers requests and created a tool to use in the classrooms called Signing Time Classroom Edition (CDs, DVDs and Lesson Materials) to teach the hearing or non-hearing students. There is no denying that sign language is key in helping people everywhere.

It has been proven that children who know sign language, regardless if they can hear or not, are able to adapt easier and have a greater knowledge in reading and IQ levels. Sign Language with Signing Time from Two Little Hands Productions brings another level of communication between individuals and is a great tool for any age!


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