Learn the Life Cyle with Real Chicks… Well, Almost Real

Well I’m no scientist or doctor or biologist… but I have been asked, way too many times when teaching the life cycle unit, this question, “Which Came First… The Chicken or the Egg?” If I wasn’t able to refer to Genesis 1:24, I definitely wouldn’t know the answer… but Learning Resources created an amazing tool to allow our younger students to really see what a 21-day cycle inside the egg would look like.

Chick Life Cycle Exploration Set by Learning Resources
Chick Life Cycle Exploration Set by Learning Resources

This Chick Life Cycle Exploration Set by Learning Resources offers each egg as a cross-section so the students can visually see each stage as the chick develops. With this set you can easily develop a unit integrating many subject areas:

Science: Students discover 21-days of development inside the egg. They are able to observe the development and compare to other creatures. They can also make an educated hypothesis for the following day based on what they have seen so far.

Language: With a list of scientific vocabulary included, students are able to study and correlate the words with what they are seeing and learning in the daily cycle.

Writing: Allow the students to write a creative piece as if they were growing in the mind of the chick. This will give you the opportunity as a teacher to teach them about imaginative thinking and writing.

Reading: Read a unit of books based on chickens! Here are some suggestions:

  • Chickerella by Mary Jane and Herm Auch
  • The Red Hen by Rebecca Emberly and Ed Emberly
  • Farm by Elisha Cooper

Field Trip: Who doesn’t love a good outing! Besides all the preparation, its always a blast and a great learning experience for your students. After the 21 days are all completed, I would encourage you and your class to go to a farm or local zoo. It’ll give them a chance to see the whole unit through and of course… have another perspective on life development!

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