Embellish Your Story Grandpa Father’s Day Gift Idea

Grandpas are our second Dads that we can’t live without. They spoiled you all those years, return the favor, spoil them this Father’s Day with a special gift using Embellish Your Story by Carol Roeda!

He took you fishing, gave you second helpings of ice cream and is always there to encourage your dreams. He lives for cheering you on in your life’s endeavors and watching you grow up. Give him a gift that tells him how much you cherish the memories you’ve created together. This clever gift idea is a simple way to show him that you’ve noticed all his input in your life.

Grab your favorite photo, add it to this small memo board and check out the many different embellishments you can use to bring your Grandpa’s gift to life! These touches give your Grandpa something to look at and cherish whenever he’s missing you. It says “I Love Grandpa” in so many ways!

To create this clever Embellish Your Story by Carol Roeda Father’s Day idea for Grandpa you will need the following items:

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