Embellish Your Story by Carol Roeda

Embellish Your StoryGive your cherished memories flare and adornment by integrating your own personality and decoration. Embellish Your Story from Demdaco gives you the chance to turn your favorite photos and memories into a personalized work of art!

Creating your masterpiece is simple! You can choose from an assortment of bases, like a Demdaco Embellish Your Story Black with White Dots Magnetic Memo Board or Demdaco Embellish Your Story Family Wall Word. Then simply let your creativity begin…add all sorts of memorable pictures, words, embellishments such as flowers, beach balls or flower pots, and of course, your charm!

The artist Carol Roeda creates and dreams with her hands. You can do the same with her embellishments to capture the joys and events in your life. The idea of scrap booking comes to life with Embellish Your Story to make your celebrations and holidays memorable all around your home.

Your story keeps going, so take a look at the variety of embellishments we offer to keep your story alive and changing along with you and your family and friends. Your story is unique, so tell it your own way with the creative burst of Embellish Your Story!

Embellish Your Story Steps
Embellish Your Story Steps

This extremely versatile magnetic system can be changed on each occasion, each event, each happening, or each season to celebrate those important people and times in your life. Use this system in your home or office for a wonderful memorable decoration. Perfect for those who love to scrapbook!

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