Launches Jonathan & Leigh-Anne Eftychiou’s Soul Fire CD is proud to introduce Jonathan & Leigh-Anne Eftychiou’s new album, “Soul Fire”, featuring 10 worship songs. Soul Fire is Jonathan & Leigh-Anne’s debut studio album including a full range of songs for the worshipping church. Soul Fire takes the abiding truths of Scripture and pairs them with singable melodies in alternative rock and pop styles. Fans of Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman and Kari Jobe will quickly connect with new songs like ‘You Are For Me’, ‘Soul Fire’ and ‘Sweet Exchange’. Drawing upon the church’s rich heritage of worship, Soul Fire also takes two classic hymns, ‘God of Glory’ and ‘Wonders of Grace’, and breathes new life into them for the next generation. From the urgent cry of ‘As Long As I Live’ to the contemplative prayer of ‘I Need You Now’, Soul Fire will will help you draw closer to God.

“‘You are for me’ was on my repeat playlist for a season of life when I really needed the truth of knowing God is for me not against me to sink in. You may need this song today or in the future but I guarantee that if you open up your heart God will speak over you through this song.” – Isaac Olagunju – CEO

About the Artists – Song writers and worship leaders Jonathan & Leigh-Anne Eftychiou live in Atlanta, GA and serve on the worship team of Jubilee Church. Mixing their backgrounds in alternative rock and classical music, these songs reflect a passion for the timeless truths of the gospel and an earnest pursuit of the Presence of God. For more information about Jonathan & Leigh-Anne Eftychiou and to download chord charts visit Jonathan & Leigh-Anne Eftychiou official website. You can also interact with them on Facebook or Twitter.


2 thoughts on “ Launches Jonathan & Leigh-Anne Eftychiou’s Soul Fire CD”

  1. I adore every song on this album. Each and everyone in their own way invokes the spirit of worship in you. Thank you Leigh-Anne and Jonathan for listening to God and creating such lovely songs.

  2. The songs on this album have a wonderful way of helping me worship God. I’m so thankful for Soul Fire! as well as all the time, effort, heart & soul that has gone into its production. Seriously, every song is catchy in its own way–and the lyrics are saturated with truth! Worshipping God with song lyrics that are Biblically sound is so important to me. I’ve found my soul even more joyful in God when singing these songs to Him. Thank you Jonathan & Leigh-Anne for honoring God in such a way!

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