Cherish Your Wedding Moments with this Creative Embellish Your Story Idea

From the proposal to the first dance, the memories of your wedding will last forever. You will cherish and talk about them for years to come. A photo album just doesn’t bring your special day to life!

Pick one of the stunning bridal photos, picture of your first kiss, and a precious candid shot of the love birds and use them to tell a story of romance and lasting love. Your photos show the love and beauty, but put them on a tasteful memo board and add the embellishments by Carol Roeda to bring your story to life. Below is a perfect way to display the greatest day of your life… and it’s all your own!

Embellish Your Story Wedding Day Idea
Embellish Your Story Wedding Day Idea

To create this clever Embellish Your Story by Carol Roeda Wedding Day idea you will need the following items:

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