This Thing Called Family with a Whole Lot of Love

This Thing Called Family started with a whole lot of love. For over 10 years a mother and her two daughters have been creating and showing their work together. Laura, Connie and Jill have taken their painting to a new level by incorporating paper and other mixed media that fuse elements of collage and paint. Between the three of them, and their love for words, patterns and color, they’ve developed their own special techniques that bring This Thing Called Family to life.

Demdaco This Thing Called Family - Love
Demdaco This Thing Called Family - Love

Their work is full of hope, humor and whimsy and celebrates faith and family. Their goal is to use positive and encouraging messages that not only speak truth into their own lives but others as well. Take a moment each day to share encouragement and love to your family in so many ways with This Thing Called Family. Display your child’s master piece with This Thing Called Family Look What I Did Memo Board with Clips or encourage each passerby with This Thing Called Family To Do Wall Art. So many whimsical ways to tell each and everyone in your house, “You are LOVED!” Every design has thought, encouragement and a heart felt message that cannot be denied. Choose today to encourage and love on your family with This Thing Called Family.

Heartwarming, familiar and playful, This Thing Called Family blends house rules with life rules to create an inviting and artistic statement. With warm earth tones and messages of love and family, this collection is comfortable in any hearth or home. To see the entire collection of This Thing Called Family visit our online store.

Demdaco Lyricology Wall Art for Music Lovers

Introducing new Lyricology Wall Art by Demdaco. “I believe I can fly” because “I can’t help falling in love with you.” Do those lines bring back memories? These are songs you know by heart, songs that stir the soul, that stick in your head all day and are welcome¬† to stay there. Songs with a message! This is the music and meaning behind Lyricology.

Demdaco Lyricology Wall Art
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Inspired by great, popular songs of the last half-century, Lyricology’s artists reveal not just what music has to say, but how it feels. The color of a song, its shape, the way it can define a time, a relationship, a memory – that’s what makes these remarkable art pieces come alive. If you have ever wondered what a song’s “personality” is, Lyrcology by Demdaco tells you just that.

Think of the Lyricology Wall Art as a visual soundtrack to those moments and emotions in time that mean the most – a celebration of your life today, through the songs that got you here, “Wild Thing, you make my heart Sing!” Express yourself with a picture of a song!

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