Dogs Rock!

Let’s talk dogs.  They are, to most,  little children with four legs.  Whether this is something you’ve ever thought about or not, they don’t have a voice.  Of course they can make sounds but, they cannot talk.  Some of you would beg to differ and I would have to agree.  I have actually heard a dog say ‘mama’ before.  However, I have yet to hear a dog say a complete sentence!  If you have, then you are more than likely one of the very few people who have had that experience and you should be famous!  Haha!

Dogs are special, they are loyal, and they love us unconditionally!  A dog will do anything to get us to show them one act of kindness.  Many of them experience some type of trauma, abuse, and neglect.  Those are the ones who have lost trust in humans, they are making it alone.  Why?  That’s either all they know or it’s the safest way they’ve found to live.  They’ll do anything to protect themselves from someone or something that might cause them further harm.  Most of those neglected and abused live in constant fear that they will endure, once again, what has happened from the past.   Even those with that fear, those with that familiar feeling of loss, know what love looks like.  Dogs are special to us humans, they bring comfort and a companionship to us who are without.   So, think about someone in your life today.  Bless them or treat yourself with a special gift from our Dogs Rock collection!  Why?  Because Dogs Rock!

dogs_rock2Dogs Rock!


How special would it be to hang a picture of your beloved dog on your wall!  Maybe even sip some yummy tea from one of our Dogs Rock mugs.

No Kidding…Heaven Is For Real

Often times, we’ve all wondered if Heaven is actually ‘for real’.  It’s something that we haven’t seen or a place that we haven’t yet visited.  We’ve heard the stories of how wonderful it is.  We’ve read the scriptures on how great it will be when we do get there.  The anticipation is great for most of us.  The longing to meet our King, to adore Him and to finally see what our destination looks like!  Most often we ask ourselves if Heaven Is For Real when we go through the loss of a loved one.  We try to find reasoning, understanding.  We need that comfort of knowing that our loved one is in a place, where on some wonderful day, we can see them again.  That we can see their face, their smile and to know that it will be forever.  Then, at that point nothing can take that away.  That is comforting.

That being said,  we all need to know that there is a place called ‘home’.  No matter where you’re at in life, you need to know that you have a ‘home’.  Some of us rely on the Word of God for that confirmation…

‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”He who was seated on the throne said, “I am making everything new!” Then he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.”  – Revelation 21:4-5

Some of us rely on other peoples testimonies of having visions of Heaven or prophetic words.  But, when we hear the testimonies of someone actually going to Heaven and coming back to this Earth…that is what God uses as well.  God uses so many ways to give us comfort and a hope.  He uses people, He uses YOU, and He tells His side…which is always better.

Heaven Is For Real

Heaven Is For Real

Show your friends and family that…Heaven Is For Real!  Our easy going t-shirts would be great to wear any time and any day of the week.  Share your own story to others as to why you believe Heaven Is For Real!




Heaven Is For Real….and you’re        gonna like it!



We also have this Heaven Is For Real book available, which is absolutely wonderful for kids who are in need of comfort.  Even teenagers and grown ups get so much clarity from this story!

Todd Burpo and Sonja Burpo Heaven is for Real for Kids